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CMU Biology Professor Earn an awarded in the 14th International Congress of ICOPA during 19th-24th August 2018, Daegu, Republic of Korea

A lecturer of faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University presented research project in the topic of “Centrocestus formosanus Nishigori, 1924 (Digeanea : Heterophyidae): Epidemiology and Molecular identification in freshwater fishes, upper northern Thailand” and had been awarded in the 14th International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPA) in Republic of Korea.

Associate Professor Dr. Chalobol Wongsawad, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University and her research team had been awarded Poster Presentation Award from the congress. Her research topic is about the infection of Centrocestus formosanus metacercariae in freshwater fishes in some provinces of upper Northern Thailand. The result revealed that the infection of C. formosanus metacercariae was found in all 7 provinces with the prevalence and intensity including: Lam Phun (54.4%, 10.1), Lam Pang (32.8%, 6.4), Nan (32.5%, 46), Chiang Mai (25.6%, 32.3), Phrae (18.5%, 74.4), Chiang Rai (15%, 14.3) and Phayao (4%, 11.7). 1919 fishes were collected in this study and divided into 5 families and 19 species. Out of 19 species, 15 species were infected with C. formosanus metacercariae. This kind of parasite was able to contact towards human by eating half–cooked fishes. This research would be useful basic information to watch out of epidemic towards human and animals in the areas where there were discovered of infected intermediate hosts such as fish carp, Krahae, Sroi, Gold fish, Sew and Pan Keaw fishes.

In addition, there were using of molecular technique to help in analyzing and classifying sorts of parasite. Result of this research is able to insist that there was a discovery of parasite, C. formosanus in 15 species of freshwater fish in 7 provinces of upper northern Thailand. The trend of epidemic of this species seemed higher than the exploration which there had ever been reported in the last 10 years. This problem should have been examined in order to find out a control and searching approaches for solving the problem in the future.

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