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Biological Student awarded 2018 IFBAL Distinguished Paper Award in Japan

CMU’s Master’s student Mr. Thanakorn Vichaiya, in his 3rd Year at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, was awarded the 2018 IFBAL Distinguished Paper Award during the 2018 International Forum – Agriculture, Biology and Life Science Summer Session (IFABL 2018), organized by Chihlee University of Technology, Taiwan together with Hokkaido University, Japan during August 17 – 19, 2018.

During the forum he presented an “Application of exogenous adenosine triphosphate elevated energy level and delayed pericarb browning of harvested “Daw Logan fruit”, with Assistant Professor Dr. Kobkiat Saengnil as his main advisor and Assistant Professor Dr. Chamnong Uthaibutra as his co-advisor.

This research studied the occurrence of brown color on shell Logan fruit, as its shell changes to dark brown quickly and the fruit is easy to rot after post-harvest, causing low quality and a short shelf life, thus impacting the opportunity to export this fruit.

Mr. Thanakorn injected an energy solution of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and discovered that this solution was able to increase the internal energy and that this enabled the shell of the fruit to change to a brown color more slowly and that it was able to reduce the damage of oxidation.

This research supported a former research result that reported that Chlorine Dioxide Gas was able to reduce and delay the occurrence of brown color on the shell of Logan fruit. This researcher assumed that this gas was effective for increasing the fruit’s internal energy and improved its self-defense against an inappropriate environment.

These two research projects have been a part of research project “Compensating Development of Sulphur Dioxide Gas that has been smoked by Chlorine Dioxide Gas in order to control the quality of Logan fruit and extending its shelf life for sales.”

This project aimed to reduce or compensate the use of Sulphur Dioxide Gas that is harmful for health and the environment by using Chlorine Dioxide Gas to smoke Logan fruit before export and appears to be a better option for the preservation of Logan fruit concerning our health, the environment and for business commerce.

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